EAAMO’21 Socials

Please enter the EAAMO’21 Gather Lounge for all things social. Of course you can always chat with other participants in the Gather conference space at any point throughout the event.

Table Discussion Socials (every day)

Every day, we will have table discussion socials with discussion facilitators. These socials will all occur during the “Lunch break” with the exception of Tuesday’s regional socials, which will occur immediately before and after the main conference program. Take a seat at one of the tables to join the conversation. See below for a full list of topics per day along with the scheduled facilitators.

Collaborative Art (async)

Head over to the whiteboard to contribute to a collective drawing of your take on a visual representation of EAAMO. Up for interpretation.

Quotation Compilation (async)

Please share quotes that stuck out to you from one of the talks, posters, papers, or socials throughout the conference. We would love to see them listed here, and also encourage you to tweet — there will be awards for the best tweets. (Tag @ACMEAAMO or #EAAMO2021)


October 4 (Monday)

TimeAffinity group socialsTableFacilitators 

October 5 (Tuesday)

TimeRegional socialsTableFacilitators 

October 6 (Wednesday)

TimeResearch Topics: Day 1TableFacilitators 

October 7 (Thursday)

TimeResearch Topics: Day 2TableFacilitators 

October 8 (Friday)

TimeLanguage SocialsTableFacilitators 

October 9 (Saturday)

TimeInformal HangoutTable