EAAMO Code of Conduct

The goal of EAAMO’21 is to highlight multi-institutional, collaborative work that draws on multiple disciplines and engages historically underserved and disadvantaged communities to improve access to opportunity for such communities. Toward this goal, it is critical that all participants at the conference respect, understand, and value the importance of contributions from a diverse group of participants, and especially those from historically underserved and disadvantaged communities. Organizers of EAAMO’21 ask that all conference participants adhere to the ACM Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination, as well as the MD4SG Code of Conduct. Any violations of either code of conduct can be reported via the ACM or MD4SG reporting procedures, or submitted via email to gc@eaamo.com or to general chair Illenin Kondo at kondo@illenin.com.

Sponsorship Policy

The MD4SG Initiative and ACM EAAMO conference seek sponsorship to support year-round activities within the MD4SG community and to improve access to the ACM EAAMO conference. These activities include financial inclusion initiatives (e.g. data grants, fee waivers), research and implementation seed-grants, summer programs, as well as operational costs associated with the initiative and conference. Funding sources include charitable foundations, companies, individual donors, and government and international agencies.

We follow several guidelines and policies related to fundraising activities:

  • Sponsorship is run by a committee comprising representatives from both the conference executive committee and MD4SG organizers as well as the conference general co-chairs, who are responsible for setting the budget for the conference.
  • The sponsorship committee will report all activities related to soliciting, accepting, and dispersing funding to the conference executive committee as well as the MD4SG organizers to ensure such activities are aligned with the MD4SG and EAAMO mission.
  • The sponsorship committee will seek funding from a diverse set of sources which may include academic institutions, charitable organizations, foundations, industry, and government sources.
  • The list of sponsors as well as any benefits associated with sponsoring the initiative and / or conference will be clearly specified on the respective websites.
  • Sponsors will not have any designated attendance slots in the conference.
  • The conference program will be decided independently from any input provided by sponsors.
  • MD4SG-sponsored projects will be independent from sponsor input.
  • Sponsorship for the ACM EAAMO conference should be unrestricted within the purview of the conference. Sponsors wishing to fund specific projects within the MD4SG organization can contact the organizers to discuss on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sponsors may be acknowledged on the Initiative and Conference website as well as other materials.
  • MD4SG and EAAMO reserve the right to decline or return any funding should the sponsorship committee decide that the funding source is misaligned with the mission of the initiative and conference.

Please contact sponsorship@md4sg.com with any questions or concerns.

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